10 Reasons why you should work in Malaysia

1. Stability

Malaysia is a relatively peaceful and stable country with economic and political stability. Stability is probably one of the most important reasons for moving an expatriate to another country.

2. Good Infrastructure

Malaysia's infrastructure has good infrastructure such as a world-class airport, a large road network, and sound financial institutions.

3. Government Support

The Malaysia My Second Home program offers expatriates the chance to stay long-term in the nation. The program provides a 10-year renewable visa plus other incentives for instant family dependency passes and a tax-free car.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare services are effective, and private hospitals offer treatments that match world norms at significantly reduced costs compared to many other nations.

5. Natural beauty

We've got the ocean, islands, highlands, jungles and beaches that attract tourists from far and wide.

6. Food

Malaysia is a food heaven. For the variety of local and international cuisine, expatriates are spoiled for selection. We have everything from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, South Korean, Arab, Persian, Vietnamese to Western food. They're never going to go hungry because food is available 24/7.

7. Friendly Nature

The Malaysians are usually friendly and accommodating with the individuals and language. Expatriates settle very readily because English is commonly spoken, particularly in urban and urban centers.

8. Climate

Malaysia's climate is lucky not to experience extreme weather like hurricanes or catastrophic natural disasters like earthquakes.

9. Cost of living

For expatriates, living costs are comparatively small in Malaysia. Also, property prices are smaller than in Europe and the U.S.

10. Shopping and other entertainment

It's amazing that our shopping malls took three places in the list in the world's top 10 biggest malls in 2013. We have designer label shops that are familiar to expatriates so they can feel at home.

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