These 5 mistakes to avoid while choosing the country to Study Abroad

A lot of planning and making up of the mind goes on before we decide that we need to go abroad to study. Although most of the time those are half cooked plans that might end up getting not acted upon or not properly researched and end up getting dropped. We feel there are a lot of important things which needs to be worked upon and a number of things that need to be completely avoided if you want your plans to be a success. We have made a list of few things which we feel need your attention:

1. Not choosing a country based on the choice of the subject/university:

Some people are not aware of the fact that different countries and specific universities specializes in different subjects and in order to choose the best place to study, you should always look for the right university which has the subject which you wish to study. Also, plan ahead of the college days and look whether the country you are choosing does have the right job opportunities after studies. Never make a mistake of randomly going to the country. Plan in advance and research thoroughly before you make such an important decision of your life.

2. Overconfident of the process

Even if you have done your research but you can never be right as we are talking about a different country altogether which has different rules, different social life and most importantly different language. Experts suggest you must find a consultant who has substantial experience of a country and will be able to help you with the visa process and other necessary documentation. All you need to avoid being overconfident and look for the right help.

3. Not having the documents ready

Make a list of all the documents, take help from the consultants in finding the right one. Arrange all the documents, check and recheck before submitting. The idea is to avoid getting too confident over having all the documents ready. You do not want to lose an opportunity of a lifetime over a small mistake of not having an important document.

4. Not having enough liquid funds

As you must already know that studying abroad requires a substantial amount of money including tuition fees, living accommodation etc. You might have that kind of money but one thing which is really important is that you must also have a letter from your bank stating that you have adequate liquid funds. So, even if you have funds, you need to make sure you have enough liquid funds.

5. Not knowing enough about the rules of the destination country

You have to be very serious about the steps you take while you are planning to go study abroad. Every country has different set of rules and there are even other countries which do not speak English. You need to study the same about your destination country and make sure you know them before you step into one. Or else one small mistake can land you in trouble.

All you need to do is avoid these 5 mistakes and stick to your consultant’s advice and you will do just fine. For more information or a FREE Career Counseling session, please call on +91-9811554136 or visit us at for more info.

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