Studying Online during Covid-19? Here are Few Tips

Due to this pandemic situation, every institute has been closed and to prepare for studying abroad; online learning is the only safe option. But learning online could be a hard process, especially for those who are completely new to it. So, here through this blog we provide you few tips to study online during Covid-19 and make it easier to adapt to online learning.

1. Set-up a routine

Planning and setting up a routine, plays a crucial role in learning online. Making a schedule will help a lot in completing your preparation on time and be productive. Once you have set-up your plan, it’s important to follow and be dedicated to it.

However, everyone will have different preferences on how we like and when to learn, once you have come across your preferences then establish the schedule for at least one month; this could be the benefit to study online. Moreover, it totally depends on every individual to set-up a schedule, like when to listen to the lectures, when to read before or after having food, and how many hours to practice.

After setting-up the routine, make sure that you stick to it otherwise you’ll be lagging in preparing for the exam.

2. Create your study place

One of the negative aspects of learning online is not getting access to your study place. Study place plays a major role in settling and getting into the mood of studying. So, it is as much important to create your study place as setting-up the study schedule.

Study also suggests that, a tidy and organized desk helps you to stay focused and lower distraction level. So, put an extra effort to organize your desk into place where you can study without getting easily distracted, less motivated and completing your preparation of lower quality.

Make sure that you select your study area, which is away from your living and dining room, and your family members should be aware of that space and also don’t disturb you frequently. Set-up all the tools and instruments like study lamp, laptop, referring books, stationery items etc. that you usually use during studying and helps you’re your concentration level high.

3. Accept the virtual study environment

You might feel discomfort and difficulty in learning through online and suddenly switching to study at home from institute makes you get distracted easily. This is because you are new and used to study when there are people or classmates around you.

Remember, other students also are in the same situation. You should accept this virtual study environment and start self-learning so that you can do well in exam and achieve your dream. If you are the type of person that gets interested and motivated by students and classrooms, then it could be difficult for you to manage your study but not impossible. It might take a longer time but you will eventually get there.

Get used to online applications

Basically, learning online means you need to attend or listen to the lectures through different online video call applications. It is very important to know how to use these apps and their different options.

Knowing this information makes you handle them with ease and can save your time. Some of the major video call applications are; Skype, Zoom, WeChat, WhatsApp etc.

Some of these applications also have video recording option so that you can re listen to the lectures. They also consist chat option, with which you can enquire and get appropriate answer then and there.

If you follow the above steps it will be easier for you to get into the whole online and study from home process and prepares you to start changing yourself with changing times.

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