Modernity, cleanliness and high living standards attract a lot of expats to Singapore. High rises, beaches, amazing pay package and high living standards are few of the many factors that lead people to permanently settle in Singapore with their families. So if Singapore is your dream destination and you want to permanently move there, Xpertvis International will help you guide through the entire process. Be it studies, just a pleasure tour we will provide you the necessary guidance related to all. Get guidance now from one of the top immigration consultancies in Delhi.


Singapore provides best of universities and due to its multicultural background, Singapore has attracted a lot of foreign universities to set up their campuses in Singapore including many reputed institutes like SP Jain Institute of Technology and others. English is widely spoken in Singapore and due to this it is less difficult for expats to adjust around. Studies here are much cheaper than studies in UK, USA and Australia, therefore it is feasible studying in Singapore. A degree from Singapore is widely recognized all over the world and there are enough opportunities of scholarship and Tuition Grant for students from outside of Singapore which makes Singapore an amazing place to study.

Immigration in Singapore is more approachable for people residing in India and reaching there is relatively trouble free and cost effective. Xpertvis International help you out in all stages from helping you in arranging all the documents to guiding you for the VISA interview and helping you out in finding the right job matching your skills.

If you dream to work in Singapore, we can help you out with the same by helping you find the job matching your skillset and helping out with arranging job interviews with the employers. We have tie-ups with various Job Companies HR Heads who are looking for skilled people in India to work with them in Singapore. We connect both of them and also help you out in the complete process including documentation and work VISA.

Eligibility Criteria For Migration to Singapore

  • Spouse and unmarried children below 21 year old of a Singapore Citizen.
  • Aged parents of a citizen
  • Employment Pass and S Pass holders
  • Investors or entrepreneurs meeting eligibility criteria under GIP
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  • Choose the job matching your skill set
  • Apply for the job and get your documentation ready
  • Wait for the Approval
  • Pack Your bags and leave

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