How to Prepare for IELTS during Covid-19

Covid-19 was declared as a pandemic, due to which countries across the world has declared nationwide lockdown and strict restrictions on travelling. This has directly affected the people or students preparing to study abroad. This is done in many ways like, Suspension of test, Closing of Universities or Institutions, Postpone for Visa processing and Travel Bans.

ELTS test has been suspended in India and all the IELTS institutions have been closed, as a dream to study abroad, you might have been preparing and planning to take IELTS test and stuck at home, now wondering how to prepare for that? Do not put your dreams on hold in this situation, we brings you several ways to prepare for the test by utilizing this time effectively from your home. Let’s explore!

1. Online – Self Preparation:

Prepare for the exam and learn at you own pace using exclusive video sessions on IELTS, these sessions or lessons have the potential to cover every topic related to exam and also you can watch them repeatedly for a number of times to prepare well. This online self-preparation provides you the perfect environment for preparing without any obstacles and it allows for self-paced learning i.e. you can learn from your own devices anywhere and anytime.

2. Plan Your Preparation:

Planning is essential for preparation, set up a space that you will use for your preparation and keep yourself away from disturbance while you’re learning. Set-up a plan that covers all the required preparation of IELTS test sections (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading).

3. Stimulate Discussions and Clear Doubts online:

Online learning run differently than traditional classroom learning, initiate yourself in discussions and clear all your doubts from instructors. This provides you to get rid of all your queries and prepare well for test.

4. Spend more time on Reading and Writing:

As IELTS test consists of modules Reading and Writing, Indian student feel difficulty of these test modules. So, spend more and more time on writing and reading to improve your English levels and be perfect with those modules. Read English textbooks or materials every day and learn to write English quickly without any spelling and grammar mistakes. This could only be achieved through practice, practice and more practice.

5. Practice online test papers:

Use a range of sample test papers and questions on the net and practice as much as you can, which helps you to prepare well for the test and these sample papers will give an idea on how the test works and what questions to be expected in the Reading, Listening and Writing sections. And also you’d learn to complete the test within the given time.

6. Expose yourself to English:

In IELTS test, listening section has a wide range of English accents, like British, American or Australian. You’ll have to listen to the tape only once and answer the questions, so it is better for you to be thorough with these accents by watching movies or listening radio of these different English accents.
For speaking section, also, practice yourself by speaking in English with different situations and read loudly along with English news or articles to be comfortable with English speaking and strengthening your skills in the language.

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