Guide to help you decide which country to choose for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is always a life-changing experience and so sit back and research before you plunge into the first destination that is popping in your mind. Weighing all the pros and cons of a country where you intend to carry on your career is important. It is a daunting task to decide on the destination for studying abroad, that's why here is the manual to help you determine your destination for study.

Scope of your selected course in your desired destination- Understand the sectors that are available for you to pursue prospects for jobs after you have completed your degree. Take into consideration the countries with the maximum avenues for students undertaking your course same as yours. Check how large your industry base's destination is, and if there is some degree of industrial training. For example. UK and France are known to have best colleges and scope for a prosperous career in the field of fashion.

Educational structure of your desired destination - Various destinations have different educational structures that may or may not be in tune with your thinking process. Check for the kind of teaching pedagogy that is being followed in your desired location. Most universities, for example, give weight to realistic instruction on abstract principles. So one has to be sure if he/she is ready for the kind of education structure being followed in their preferred country for studying abroad.

Please search for the program entry criteria that are available in your chosen destination. Does it give a system that corresponds to the stage you wish to enter? Is it a degree or a diploma programme? Comprehend your choice, and pick accordingly. Search for required academic scores, too. Will you be able to score the minimum required marks? Apart from the English proficiency exam, will you be expected to take another examination? Do you think you can spare the required amount of time from your schedule to plan for more tests like GMAT, GRE or SAT?

Cost of studying in your desired location- Consideration of the total cost involved in studying at a given destination is important. Do not forget to include ancillary expenditures including housing, electricity, transportation etc. when estimating your costs. Consider the duration of your course as this will have a significant impact on your total cost of study. Find out if there are any scholarships available at both government and institute level for studying at the desired destination. If you can land one it can help to significantly reduce the cost of your studies. Check if you will still be able to work part-time while studying so you can comfortably handle your regular expenses and gain some professional experience as well. It is more economical to study in countries like Norway and Poland than in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States Of America.

Employment opportunities for your chosen field in your chosen country- The course that you chose should be able to help you develop professionally and place you in a job-seeking environment. Find a destination for your course which offers numerous job opportunities. For example- Australia and Netherland are countries with best job opportunities for software engineers.

Visa requirements and policies in your desired location- Review the requirements for student visa for the destination you are interested in. Every country has a specific set of rules to comply with and visa processing can often take longer than planned. Also, the cost of visa processing varies according to country. For example in the USA, acquiring visa for Muslim students can prove to be a challenge.

Lifestyle in your chosen destination- Lifestyle abroad would be profoundly different from India. The language, the culture, the food, the way of living daily life-all will change. This would also dramatically change the way of handling various circumstances. Try studying each destination's lifestyle to understand whether it lies in the alignment with your present lifestyle.

ROI of the degree from your chosen destination in India- It is normal to measure the return on investment as a student who will be investing a lot of money, effort and time into studying abroad. Will the destination offer you the sort of return on your investment that you would want? Will it get you ready for work? When you intend to immigrate to another country, think about the possibilities and the monetary gain. Consider the importance of returning home with your degree particularly if you expect to return. This dimension must also be understood by students heading for niche courses.

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