How can you easily manage studying in Malaysia with limited finances?

Malaysia is said to be an amazing country to work in terms of both climate and its high standard of living. It has a GDP growth rate of 4.7% and its growth rate is on a continuous increase every year. Malaysia has a number of world’s best universities to study in and a number of corporates to enjoy their amazing work culture. Both good education and a good job go hand in hand and it is equally important to have a balance of the same.
However, studying in Malaysia is not very financial friendly and VISA processing, bearing the cost of living requires a substantial amount of money. To let the students, ease this burden off their shoulders, Xpertvis International has come up with Study Plus Work programs. These programs will allow students to earn along with studying in Malaysia. Part time jobs will be in accordance with the time a candidate can dedicate and will also be close to their university so that commutation time is also not wasted. The money earn can be used in paying off the living expenses and even the university fees. Listing down few benefits of this program:

1. Financial Independence –

The utmost important point of going for such program is to feel financially capable and independent. Also, the burden of paying the entire fees is lifted off from the parents.

2. Work Experience –

By working you are not only earning but the work experience is also counted. Getting to work and understand the work culture prior to getting a permanent job will benefit you in all sense and you will understand Malaysian work culture. Sometime just getting a good job is not important in another country but getting to know how work is done is also important. By working part-time, you will get that experience.

3. Preference in college –

By working while studying you will learn how to be dedicated and will also help you out in college studies. Working teaches you dedication and punctuality. Both while working and studying these two traits are the important ones to excel.

4. Proximity –

Proximity is an important trait while you are working on two fronts. Xpertvis International has taken care of the same while keeping in mind the location of university and the work place.

Xpertvis International has tied up with various universities across Malaysia and Singapore to make this Study Plus Work program available to the Indian students. Xpertvis is an International job consultancy which takes care of all the processes concerning different countries. All you need to do is let us know your requirements, whether it is study, immigration or placements. We are connected to various universities and companies for studying and placements in order to fulfill the requirements of every person. Our recent launched study plus work program is a hit among students. Call +91-1141632702 or visit for more info.

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