Top 6 countries with Best Job Placement Rates

Many of us are confused after our graduation to where should we go for a job that will help us to make our resume standout between so many applications. The best way to make your resume shine amongst scraps of applications is to apply for a job overseas. Starting your career with a job overseas gives you not only experience of spending some hours at some country but it makes you experienced in working with people of diverse cultures, fluent in foreign languages and makes you someone with horizons which are not limited to nation boundaries. But deciding which country to apply can be an obstacle because it’s hard to find a country which just matches your dream, therefore here is a list of by the best abroad job consultancy' Top 6 Countries with Best Job Placement Rates ’ suggested by education advisors and travellers.

1. Germany

Germany is a country which is top in efficiency, innovation and engineering, so to all those who are seeking for to apply in industrial sector this is the right choice for you. Germany is considered best place to kickstart your career because of its opportunities in almost every field like art, architecture, writing, education and more. The lifestyle of this country is very much fast moving just like it's technology but that doesn't mean that you cannot have a moment of peace in this country. You can sip your beer near a beautiful architecture or observe Germany life in it's cheap transportation services.

2. France

France is a country situated in Western Europe and encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Obviously, the main city, Paris is the first choice for those interested in fields like fashion, food, design and theater but those who are looking for banking jobs or startups you can visit Lyon city of France. All those French speakers who are fluent in the language this is the time for you to show of your skills because most of the openings will require fluency in French. In addition to this, you'll be able to enjoy a lavish European lifestyle including night visits to Eiffel Tower, wine tasting sessions, cheese tasting sessions and don’t forget there are so many museums in France that this life is not enough for you to visit all.

3. Israel

All those adventurers out there this is the destination for you! Israel is the place full of historical and religious context and is a country brimmed with culture. The beautiful architecture and the miraculous nature will make you feel at home here before you even realize. There are immense job opportunities here which are centred but are just not limited to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa and applying for a job is possible in multiple fields of interest, which means that prospective applicants should find something relevant to aim for.

4. Spain

Spain, a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. Hustling cities, unique architectures and the sound of sea waves is the reason why Spain is in our list of top 6 countries. As most of the job openings will require Spanish language skills but why not have one more thing added in your resume. In the big cities of Spain like Barcelona and Madrid most of the job are offered and the fields for work which are most accessible are medicine, business, education and NGO sectors. The laid-back style of Spain is easily adaptable with long dinners and singing of sea waves!

5. Japan

Being home for the world’s third largest economy and the hotspot for innovation and commerce, there is no doubt that why Japan is on this list. The job positions in the fields of technology and business are the most promising ones but it is not limited to these two fields only. Education, tourism, design and more fields require a lot of applicants, just like you. In addition to this you can enjoy the mountains of Mount Fuji and starry lights of Tokyo embedded with sushi, cat cafes and ancient temples which I am sure is on everyone’s bucket list. Although it is difficult to get visa of Japan but you have Xpertvis which is one of the best Visa Consultants in Delhi.

6. Australia

The work-life balance is one of the key features of Australia which ensures all our soon to be applicants that you will not find yourself glued to your computer screens all the time. You will be able to enjoy afternoons with friends and will be able to hear your heart beats in its peaceful environment. There are so many job opportunities in Australia that all of you can find the right job of your interest and potential but speaking specifically conservation, art and marketing are the top professions of Australia. More than that there are national parks and surfboarding to keep your soul alive and your weekends interesting.