Avoid these 3 types of Study Education Consultants

Have you already decided to go study abroad and you are still searching for a Study Educational Consultant to help you throughout the process? However, not everyone is a pro and most of you must be the first ones in your family or your child might be the first one to go abroad. This will make your search for the right one pretty difficult. This blog will help you find the right one and specifically the kind of education consultant to avoid while you are on your search.

Lack necessary paperwork -

First type of consultant you might want to avoid is the one who fail to show you the necessary paperwork. Paperwork and necessary documentation is a very important part of an educational consultant and it is their duty to produce any of those when asked by the interested candidate or the person accompanying them. Without the proper documents and licenses, they may be making a fool out of you.

Past records and travels –

You need to check their past records as to the students they have sent abroad, the kind of universities they have tied up with. It’s perfectly okay to ask them the number of experience they have in the industry and their past student travels. Travelling abroad with a legit Study education consultant is very important as it involves too much risk. If they are unable to produce any, it is your cue to leave.

No walk-in offices –

If the educational consultant do not have a walk-in office than you need not go ahead with them as they might not be the legitimate ones. Make sure that they have an office at a good location. Also, avoid shady offices in some corner of a near abandoned building as they might have just rented it for a small time.

It is imperative that you check all the necessary things before finalizing for a Study Educational Consultant to avoid getting mislead and never pay any amount before getting completely satisfied.

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