5 Techniques to Master in Vocabulary

Study abroad requires a good knowledge in English vocabulary, as most of the entrance exams like IELTS, SAT, TOFEL etc. have patterns with English reading and writing to test students vocabulary knowledge. Earlier in the old formats, they used to test the knowledge of word meaning, but the format has been entirely changed, focusing on vocabulary.

Let us take example of IELTS test, the following sections included in the exam:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

These sections are totally based on English with wide verity of topics, testing your vocabulary. So, in this blog we took responsibility to provide you the guide in mastering vocabulary before your exam

Practice reading regularly

As mentioned above IELTS is English based exam with wide verity of topics. Therefore, reading regularly a huge variety of English newspapers, textbooks, articles, magazines etc. will help you develop a skill to read long topics.

Reading regularly will also enable you to improve your reading speed; expose you to a wide range of topics and points. Knowing and reading wide verity of topics helps you to interpret and express different types of viewpoints and ideas in exam.

Focus on root words

Word root plays a major role in vocabulary. Basically, a root word is the simplest form of a word that combines other words and form new words or sentence. Knowing when and how to use these root words will help you to expand your vocabulary significantly.

Build vocabulary list

Make yourself comfortable with writing essays by building vocabulary list, follow wide range of grammar textbooks and make an effort to implement them in your conversations, texts, writing assignments etc. Also, memorize new words and their meanings; implementing these new words helps you to have a vocabulary knowledge different from others. The more you use or recall new words and vocabulary list while learning, the more you remember it permanently and write essays with perfect vocabulary.

Remember, other students also are in the same situation. You should accept this virtual study environment and start self-learning so that you can do well in exam and achieve your dream. If you are the type of person that gets interested and motivated by students and classrooms, then it could be difficult for you to manage your study but not impossible. It might take a longer time but you will eventually get there.

Use relevant free course

There are many free courses on the internet regarding building vocabulary. Make sure to use those courses that are made for entrance exams for study abroad like IELTS. Such courses should be based on past exams and contains knowledge, and exercises on root words, prefixes, suffixes etc. Using every random grammar or vocabulary course on the internet may not prove to be very beneficial.

Practice tests and quizzes

Take an online tests and quizzes regularly; this technique enables you to build English vocabulary knowledge. These online tests and quizzes helps you learn new words quicker and faster, also it allows you to memorize words permanently. And, anytime you come across an unknown or unfamiliar word don’t ignore it, after your quiz look for its meaning and try to memorize it by using in your written and verbal conversation.

We hope these 5 techniques help to improve your English vocabulary and master it. We would love to see you following these techniques, as it may help many students who are looking to study abroad and preparing for exam. Share your experiences in the comment section

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