How to excel in IELTS Speaking test?

We are sure you have studied hard but still IELTS speaking test remains one of the hardest milestone for the IELTS examinee. For the same reason, we have put together few points which will help you overcome the test with flying colors:

Stay calm:

We all have given written tests but the ones which makes us more nervous are the viva’s where we have to speak our answers. IELTS speaking test are very similar to the viva’s we have faced during our school. You have prepared for the day and during the speaking tests, all you need to is remain calm and pretend to be relaxed. Initially you will be asked basic questions about your family where the examiner is trying to make you relax. He will be assessing your language at this time. After making you relaxed, he will be asking you more abstract questions. Stay relaxed, believe in yourself and continue answering. You will do just fine.

Be well aware of the test formats:

One most important thing that you need to remember is that you must know the structure of speaking tests. Half of the examinees do not know the answer to questions related to structure. If you are preparing to appear for an IELTS exam, then knowing the structure will help you answer the questions faster and with ease. Few questions you must know the answer to:

What is the duration of the speaking test?

Number of sections in a speaking test?

What each part comprises?

On what basis is my language assessed?

Who finally assesses the speaking test?

Stick to the point:

Instead of lengthening your answers, you must stick to the point and pause. Also, do not rush to the answers, instead hear the questions carefully, think about it and then answer. If you will prolong your answers you might go off track.

Avoid asking questions from the examiner

Examiner always stick to the schedule and might find it difficult to answer the questions out of the topic. So, if you do not understand the question, you can politely ask him to repeat the question instead of clarifying.

Try answering ‘Why’

A very common question that all IELTS examiner ask is ‘Why’. You need to prepare the answers to all whys that is go in details while preparing for this exam as you might get caught up due to this. Try giving to the point answer at one time so as to avoid the examiner for asking ‘Why’ and proceed to the other questions.

Those of you who have been given IELTS multiple times must be aware of the above points and all those who are giving this exam for the first time must keep these points in hand so as to score good in IELTS.

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6. Expose yourself to English:

In IELTS test, listening section has a wide range of English accents, like British, American or Australian. You’ll have to listen to the tape only once and answer the questions, so it is better for you to be thorough with these accents by watching movies or listening radio of these different English accents.
For speaking section, also, practice yourself by speaking in English with different situations and read loudly along with English news or articles to be comfortable with English speaking and strengthening your skills in the language.

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