Why do you need to convince yourself to study Abroad?

It is always said that “studying abroad is a life changing experience.” Perhaps, it is true. Many students who have gone abroad have had the experiences of their lives. There can be many reasons as to why one should study or at least consider studying abroad-

Travelling the world -

One of the most obvious reasons of studying abroad is getting to see the world and experience a life which can be very different from what one is already living. Living in a foreign country makes it easier to travel to other countries. For instance, if one is studying in a European country, traveling to other European countries becomes easier and cheaper. So, if one wants to experience different countries and fill their passport, then studying abroad gives one the opportunity to do that.

Expanding Worldview-

Studying in a foreign country gives an opportunity to understand different people, different cultures and lifestyles. It allows one to get a new and different perspective. A holistic foundation would be created that would comprise of new findings and experiences. A person becomes more adaptive, welcoming and tolerant. This cannot be achieved by simply travelling to a foreign country and staying there for a few weeks.

Getting better job opportunities-

Studying abroad can land one a good job soon after graduation. In India, a simple graduation does not promise a decent job, but that is not the case in abroad. Also, one can impress his or her employer by having an education from a foreign country. Having an international experience is desirable by many employers. So, the one with a degree from a well-recognized university abroad is more likely to get selected for a job than others.

Learning a Foreign Language

A lot of people learn foreign languages for getting an edge over others in their careers. But simply attending a few classes and practice does not make one fluent in any language. Studying abroad gives one the opportunity to learn a foreign language by not just reading and practicing but also by being around people who speak in that language. Continuous interaction with people in their local lingo helps bring fluency in that language. The ability to speak another language with great fluency can land one a great job and handsome salary. There is a lot of demand for bilingual employees in a lot of organizations because of the increasing globalization. Organizations want people who can communicate with people from other countries at ease.

Getting to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds/cultures-

By communicating with people belonging to different ethnicities, one can learn a big and valuable lesson of effective communication. A Good communication skill is one of the major skills that employers look for in an employee these days. People do expensive courses for gaining the skill but practical exposure is the best way of learning anything. Studying abroad gives people the opportunity to learn effective communication skills. When a person is surrounded by people belonging to different races, ethnicities and cultures, he automatically learns how to communicate by understanding different gestures that can be exclusive to a particular ethnicity only. Interacting with people coming from diverse backgrounds gives one a chance to broaden his/her perspective and understand humans better.

Getting practical learning experience-

Many universities in abroad give more importance to in-the-field learning than in the class leaning. For example, an English literature student studying Shakespeare may get to visit places like Rome, Italy and Stratford-upon-Avon in England. Someone Roman studying history might get a chance to visit Rome. Studying abroad gives an opportunity for immense leaning and new experiences.

Saving Money-

It is a myth that all foreign universities are expensive. A lot of private universities in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etcetera, are expensive but public funded universities in most countries are not expensive. Also, if one has a tight budget then one can go to study Abroad in a country where the cost of living is low. People, sometimes save more money by studying abroad than studying in their own country. Finding the right consultant can help you save that extra money, help you get a loan and a direct connection with a University.

Gaining Confidence-

Living in a foreign country all by oneself is no joke. People become independent and self dependent. They learn to deal with their problems all by themselves. All this leads to gaining a skyrocketing confidence. All these experiences prepare a person to manage their personal and professional life as well. This is one of the reasons why an employer values a degree from abroad in a resume.

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